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The Iberian Energy Clearing House

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Information Systems
OMIClear has available different software solutions that must be seen as being part of one from two distinct groups:
  • The main operational platform; or
  • Complementary information extraction platforms.
MiClear is the main platform that supports OMIClear´s activities of CCP, clearing, risk management and settlement and it is accessible for all participants in those services. It is the deal registration platform and here the daily clearing operations are executed and relevant information made available to members. MiClear is the only system part of the main operational group and every member may have one or more active user accounts in this system.

The second group - complementary information extraction platforms - are other solutions from where some OMIClear information can be retrieved. These systems retrieve information from MiClear so they do not add new clearing content, just another access method and in another format. Currently there are two systems in this group: OMIClear website and OMIClear FTP. These contain some additional data coming from the OMIP markets which also provide some general information to these platforms. For a better understanding on how OMIClear systems fit together and their available interfaces follows diagram 1.

Looking to the diagram it schematizes deals coming from different sources (OMIP Trayport platform, OMIP Auctions, ClearingLink and eXRP) entering on the Miclear platform. Here daily operations are executed and part of the generated information is used by FTP and Website platforms for other information extraction solutions.

To obtain further information please download OMIClear – IS Guide.pdf