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The Iberian Energy Clearing House

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Corporate Governance



OMIClear corporate bodies are elected for three-year mandates. The members of the board of directors must have excellent reputation and be highly experienced. The Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) can oppose to their nomination.

According to the applicable legislation, the board of directors must have a diversified composition.

It presently consists of six members.

Artur Trindade


Ignacio Grangel


Ángel Berges Lobera

Board Member

Paulo Alexandre da Rocha Henriques

Board Member

José Manuel Amado da Silva

Board Member

Gonzalo Solana González

Board Member

The most recent changes to the corporate governance structure of OMIClear were introduced recently and aimed essentially to comply with the rules set forth in EMIR and in RTS 153/2013, in relation to the organisational requirements contained therein.

The resulting corporate governance model is characterized by having the general and operational management of the company under the responsibility of the Board of Directors, formed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman (these two with executive functions) and four members, two of which are independent.

The senior management of OMIClear is constituted by the Board Members and the managing director.

The Auditor is in charge of monitoring the company’s activities and examining the financial statements.

In addition to the Board and the General Assembly, other corporate bodies include the Remuneration Committee, the Ethics Committee and the Risk Committee.

OMI Organisational Chart