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The Iberian Energy Clearing House

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Risk Committee


In accordance with several international recommendations on central counterparties (CCPs) best practices, OMIClear established its Risk Committee following an electoral process with its clearing members and clients (trading members). The constitution of the Risk Committee also complies with the Article 28.º of EMIR.

The composition of OMIClear’s Risk Committee for the period July 2016 – June 2018 is the following:

Clearing Members Representatives:

    •     Cristóbal Lovera Gosálbez (Endesa Generación, S.A.)

    •     Julián Calvo Moya (Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.U.)

    •     Mario Hélair Margarita Claeys (Uniper Global Commodities SE)

Clearing Member´s Clients Representatives:

    •     Ricardo Jorge Viegas Covas (EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A.)

    •     Olmo García Pepin (Enérgya VM Gestión de Energía, S.L.U.)

These five members plus the two independent members of OMIClear’s Board (Gonzalo Solana and Prof. Jose Manuel Amado da Silva) constitute OMIClear’s RC from July 2016 to June 2018.

All Risk Committee members have a solid knowledge in the areas of activity of OMIClear.

The Risk Committee's main duties are to assist the Board in assessing the different types of risk to which the CCP is exposed, as well as its risk management structure, organization and processes. The new Committee is required to deliver an opinion on the definition or significant changes in the lots of topics, namely: the admission requirements of members and participants of OMIClear, the acceptance of counterparty or settlement system roles in new types of operations or services or the admission to clearing and settlement of new classes of contracts, insofar as they relate to a non-existing underlying or configure a new type of operation with an impact on the overall risk of OMIClear.

To obtain further information please download OMIClear Risk Committee Rulebook.