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Information Systems

OMIP and OMIClear business model is built over the following that is supported by reliable and robust systems:

In terms of market cycle, once the orders are matched (in case of continuous trading or auctions) or once the bilateral trades are accepted in OMIP Derivatives Market, the resulting deals are registered in OMIClear for clearing and settlement based on a Straight Through Processing (STP) solution.

OMIClear IT platform (MiClear) was designed to provide market participants with all necessary clearing and settlement information in an efficient way, on a close-to-real-time basis, allowing for two main access modes:

  • Web-based frontend, that includes all functionalities available to participants;

  • XML API for systems integration.

OMIClear API is a read-only API, available to all participants, for extracting and integrating clearing data (public and confidential), related to trading activity performed over OMIClear eligible contracts. This API follows the XML Web Services open standard which is platform agnostic and widely deployed.

The information provided by MiClear system includes current and historical data including:

  • Trades,

  • Net position,

  • Settlements of P&L during contract trading and delivery periods,

  • Volume fees,

  • Intraday and end-of-day margins,

  • Collateral deposited with the CCP, monthly deposits/withdrawals and applicable interests,

  • Monthly settlement statistics, results on back tests and stress tests,

  • (…)