OMIClear Rules

The OMIClear Rules are composed by a Rulebook, which comprises the general rules of the CCP and by several Instructions that include with more details the rules of its functioning, participation requisites, procedures and methodologies inherent to its activity as Central Counterparty (CCP).

These rules are subject to formal approval of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

Rulebook (Power & Gas)
Instructions (Power & Gas)

A01-2014_Definitions and General Provisions_9.Jan.2019

A02-2014_Price List_7.Nov.2019

A03-2014_Requirements for Settlement Agents_17.Apr.2018

A04-2014_Registration of Authorised Representatives_24.Jun.2014


A06-2014_Management and Evaluation of Guarantees_01.Feb.2021

A08-2014_Split, Transfer, Give-Up and Cancellation of Transactions_9.Jan.2019


A10-2014_Dissemination of Spot Ref. Price of Power Derivatives Contracts_24.Nov.2017

A11-2014_Autonomous Reserve_13.May.2016


B02-2014_Requirements for Clearing Members_10.Apr.2019

B03-2014_Registration of Clearing and Settlement Managers_24.Nov.2017

B04-2014_Rules on OMIClear Certification Exam_24.Nov.2017

B05-2014_Requirements for Registration Agents_10.Apr.2019

B06-2014_Responsibilities of Clearing Members and Allocation of Guarantees_1.Mar.2019

B07-2014_Clearing Fund_24.Nov.2017

B08-2014_Financial Settlement_26.Nov.2018

B09-2014_Operational Limits_4.Sep.2019

B10-2014_Calculation of Margins and Settlement Values_27.Jul.2021

B11-2014_Reference Prices_17.Apr.2018

B12-2014_Default Waterfall_24.Nov.2017

B13-2014_Settlement in the Delivery Period_17.Apr.2018

B14-2014_Eligible Contracts_1.Mar.2019

B15-2013_General Conditions of FTR Contracts_13.May.2016

B15-2014_Specific Conditions for Registration of SPEL Base Forward Contracts_13.May.2016

B16-2014_Exercise and Maturity of Options Contracts_27.May.2014

B17-2014_Calendar, Phases and Timetables of the Clearing Sessions_11.Jan.2021

B18-2014_Procedures in Case of Default_17.Apr.2018

B19-2017_Notification of Positions in Natural Gas Derivatives Contracts_17.Apr.2018

Code of Ethics and Conduct