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News and other publications

Press Release | 03 Sep 2018 Curve extension to Cal+5 // New solar profile futures contract On September 4, OMIP - The Iberian Energy Derivatives Exchange - will launch for trading and registration futures contracts on electricity with maturity of 5 years (Cal+5). At the same time, a new and innovative product at European level will be launched, which corresponds to a futures contract with the underlying asset the SPEL Solar index. Both products have subsequent clearing and settlement in OMIClear - The Iberian Energy Clearing House.
News | 05 Jul 2018 Update of OMIClear’s Rulebook Update of OMIClear’s Rulebook (article 8) following the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27th 2016
Publication | 24 Apr 2018 OMIClear launch clearing services for natural gas futures contracts (non-financial instruments) Following the collaboration agreement between OMIClear and MIBGAS Derivatives whereby OMIClear is appointed to assume the role of Central Counterparty of the trades performed in this market and once received the regulatory approval, OMIClear in coordination with MIBGAS Derivatives launched on April 24th the clearing services for physically settled natural gas futures contracts.
News | 18 Apr 2018 OMIClear’s rules enter into force on April 17th 2018 Following the collaboration agreement between OMIClear and MIBGAS Derivatives whereby OMIClear is appointed to assume the role of Central Counterparty of the trades performed in this market, OMIClear obtained the approval of CMVM to extend its services to the products traded in MIBGAS Derivatives.
Press Release | 20 Feb 2018 First OTC Registration - Natural Gas Futures Contract The first transaction in natural gas futures contracts was registered on the Iberian Derivatives Exchange (OMIP), on 16 February 2018, for clearing via the Iberian Energy Clearinghouse (OMIClear). The trade consisted in 250 contracts (with a volume of 91 GWh) of the Cal-2019 natural gas (PVB-ES NG physical futures) contract. The transaction was concluded by Axpo Iberia, S.L.U. and Feníe Energía, S.A. via the broker CIMD - Corretaje e Informacíon Monetaria y de Divisas, S. V., S.A.
News | 09 Feb 2018 OMIClear’s new website OMIClear is glad to announce the launch of its new website. Aiming to be closer to its members and to provide a more dynamic and appealing online experience, OMIClear developed a new website interface, restructured with the most relevant information. Some of the information that used to be available for public consultation have registered some significant changes, namely the files “Energy Contracts”, “Spot Prices and Volumes” and “Clearing Prices”. If you wish more information on how to keep accessing them, please contact the Marketing Department at marketing@omiclear.pt
Press Release | 20 Nov 2017 New Iberian Natural Gas Service - OMIP & OMIClear OMIClear and OMIP announce the launch of new services in the Iberian Natural Gas, expanding its current contract and services portfolio, promoting the liquidity development of the Iberian Natural Gas Market. The new service will be available from the next 24th November. OMIP launches the OTC registration service for Natural Gas Derivatives contracts with title transfer in the Spanish Virtual Balancing Point (PVB). Within the scope of this service OMIP accepts for registration bilateral transactions, either handled by brokers or by pure bilateral trade of Natural Gas future contracts with physical delivery, for its clearing and settlement (physical and financial) by OMIClear.
Press Release | 14 Nov 2017 OMIClear and MIBGAS Derivatives Agreement MIBGAS Derivatives and OMIClear have reached a collaboration agreement whereby the latter will provide clearing and settlement services for all transactions executed in the MIBGAS Derivatives trading platform. MIBGAS Derivatives is a private company offering exchange services for natural gas derivatives products (futures contracts), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and underground storage gas in the Iberian Peninsula. Once the platform is commercially launched, the MIBGAS Derivatives platform will list monthly (starting in M+2), quarterly, seasonal and yearly physical products. This will contribute to the completion of the product and price curve in the Iberian natural gas market. Both MIBGAS Derivatives and OMIClear believe that this agreement will foster the development of the forward natural gas market in the Iberian Peninsula and facilitate the creation of robust price signals for all delivery horizons.