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News and other publications

Press Release | 10 Oct 2019 OMIClear surpasses in the first nine months of 2019 the total volumes registered in 2017 and 2018. In the first 9 months of the year, OMIClear registered a volume of 38.4 TWh in the power and natural gas segments, which exceeds the volumes recorded throughout 2017 (35.5 TWh) and 2018 (32.8 TWh). Of the 38.4 TWh registered from January to September, 25.4 TWh were in the power segment and 13.0 TWh in the natural gas segment.
News | 10 Sep 2019 Seminar "The European Electric Market 2030" - Pamplona On October 3rd OMI will host in Pamplona a seminar dedicated to "The European Electricity Market 2030".
News | 06 Sep 2019 Seminar "The European Electric Market 2030" - Barcelona On September 26th OMI will host in Barcelona a seminar dedicated to "The European Electricity Market 2030".
Press Release | 02 Jul 2019 OMIClear beats its record of registration of natural gas contracts in June OMIClear, the Iberian Market Operator (OMI) Clearinghouse, beat its record of natural gas contracts registration in June reaching 1,734.55 GWh.
News | 25 Jun 2019 Seminar "The European Electric Market 2030" - Porto OMI will held on July 9, in Porto, a seminar dedicated to "The European Electric Market 2030".
Press Release | 04 Jun 2019 OMIClear sets a record high and registers 4 TWh of natural gas through May, exceeding the total volume registered in 2018. OMIClear reached in the first 5 months of the year a volume of natural gas, for clearing and settlement, over 4 TWh (4,198,150 MWh). This volume marks a 41% increase over figures for all of 2018, which was around 3 TWh (2.974.595 MWh).
News | 21 Mar 2019 New Code of Ethics and Conduct of OMI Group OMI Group has approved a new Code of Ethics and Conduct, which will revoke the previous Code and will be applicable to all belonging companies (OMIP, OMIE and OMIClear) with effect date on April 1st 2019.
Press Release | 28 Jan 2019 MIBGAS Derivatives and OMIClear sign cooperation agreements with brokers MIBGAS Derivatives and OMIClear sign cooperation agreements with Arraco, CIMD, IBGH, ICAP and Tullet-Prebon to offer their clients the registration, clearing and settlement services for bilateral trades (OTC) in the entire natural gas futures curve with delivery in the Spanish Virtual Balance Point (PVB).
Press Release | 09 Jan 2019 Mibgas Derivatives and OMIClear launch the service for OTC registration of gas futures contracts Mibgas Derivatives will register bilateral and brokered trades of natural gas futures, to be cleared and settled by OMIClear.
Press Release | 07 Jan 2019 Curve extension on electricity contracts up to Cal+6 and Cal+7. On January 8 OMIP will launch for trading and registration futures contracts on electricity with maturity of 6 years (Cal+6) and 7 years (Cal+7). The new maturities are extendable to all electricity futures contracts listed in OMIP (Base, Peak, Solar, Forward, Swap). All of these products have subsequent clearing and settlement in OMIClear.