Press release | 15/02/2021

OMIClear expands its offer of General Clearing Members after the admission of Renta4 Banco for the power and natural gas segments.

Annual report | 31/12/2020
Press release | 03/07/2020
Press release | 23/06/2020

As a result of OMIP ongoing strategy of developing new products and services that will help our members to address the challenges raised by the market evolution, we are pleased to announce that the Power product portfolio will be extended up to Calendar Year 10 (Cal10). This relevant enhancement will apply to all Iberian Futures, Forwards and Swaps contracts.

The new contracts will be tradable starting tomorrow, 24th of June 2020. The Technical Specifications and Contractual Clauses of the new products are available at the download section of OMIP website:

Please do not hesitate to contact OMIP marketing ( or trading department ( if you have any further questions.

News | 07/05/2020

The Iberian Energy Derivatives Market - Online Training on 16h and 17th of June

Press release | 17/03/2020

Regarding the current situation, OMIP and OMIClear inform that our trading and clearing activities are guaranteed normally. We recognize the seriousness and potential impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the continuity of the services it offers.

News | 20/01/2020

The companies that make up the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMI) have launched their new websites.

Press release | 13/01/2020

OMIClear achieved in 2019 a clearing volume of 56.4 TWh in power and natural gas derivative contracts.

News | 18/10/2019

On November 7th OMI will host in Mérida a seminar dedicated to "The European Electricity Market 2030".

Press release | 10/10/2019

In the first 9 months of the year, OMIClear registered a volume of 38.4 TWh in the power and natural gas segments, which exceeds the volumes recorded throughout 2017 (35.5 TWh) and 2018 (32.8 TWh). Of the 38.4 TWh registered from January to September, 25.4 TWh were in the power segment and 13.0 TWh in the natural gas segment.