Risk Committee

The Risk Committee is composed of 7 voting members, and can invite other participants to support their decisions, although these cannot assume a deliberative role. The Committee meets at least three times a year and its mission is to advise the Board of Directors on any subject that have impact on OMIClear’s risk management policy. 


The current composition of the Risk Committee is as follows:

Risk Committee
Member In representation of
José Manuel Amado da Silva Independent Member of the Board Members;
President of Risk Committee
María Raquel Cabezudo Benito Independent Member of the Board Members;
Vice-President of Risk Committee
Joaquin Ubero Almunia Registration Agent Representative
Juan Carlos Durán Registration Agent Representative
Juan Jesús Moya Muñoz Clearing Member Representative
Julián Calvo Moya Clearing Member Representative
Juan Basagoiti Mendoza Clearing Member Representative