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Press Release | 4 Jun 2019

OMIClear sets a record high and registers 4 TWh of natural gas through May, exceeding the total volume registered in 2018.


OMIClear reached in the first 5 months of the year a volume of natural gas, for clearing and settlement, over 4 TWh (4,198,150 MWh). This volume marks a 25% increase over figures for all of 2018, which was around 3 TWh (2,974,595 MWh)

Carmen Becerril, President of OMIClear, stated that "This numbers are good news and confirm OMIClear's enhancing role in the gas market." In this sense, she added that "We are expanding our array of clearing services in natural gas, in line with the needs of our clients, and in the future we are going to continue offering services in order to solidify OMIClear's leadership in the Iberian market."

Likewise, the volume negotiated in MIBGAS Derivatives and registered in OMIClear between January and May reached 2,333,790 MWh, exceeding the total volume for 2018 (1,997,570 MWh). In May a new monthly maximum was reached in MIBGAS Derivatives, with 881 GWh, exceeding the record hit the previous month of April (680 GWh). Also, a daily record was set on May 20 in the month ahead contract traded in MIBGAS and registered in OMIClear.

The milestones reached by OMIClear in the natural gas market, in cooperation with OMIP, MIBGAS, and MIBGAS Derivatives, as well as ENAGAS-GTS and the different agents participating in the gas market, confirm OMIClear’s strategy in diversifying its services, as well as its leadership role in the natural gas market in Spain. OMIClear follows closely the regulatory framework in the natural gas market, with the aim of further expanding its services in the natural gas sector and/or liquefied natural gas (LNG).