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OMIClear, C.C., S.A. is a company established in Portugal that provides clearing and settlement services as a clearing house and central counterparty since July 3rd, 2006.

On October 31st, 2014 OMIClear was approved by its National Competent Authority (CMVM) and the rest of the members of EMIR College to perform the clearing and settlement activity as an ‘authorized CCP’, in compliance with EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation).

Currently OMIClear CCP provides clearing and settlement services to:

  • Iberian and Non-Iberian Power Derivatives Contracts traded or registered in OMIP SGMR, S.A. regulated market. For more information on this service please see menu Services > Power Derivatives)
  • Natural Gas Derivatives Contracts at PVB-ES virtual trading point traded/registered in the connected markets: OMIP SGMR, S.A., MIBGAS Derivatives S.A. and MIBGAS S.A.. For more information on this service please see menu Services > Natural Gas Derivatives)
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Press Release | 4 Jun 2019 OMIClear sets a record high and registers 4 TWh of natural gas through May, exceeding the total volume registered in 2018. OMIClear reached in the first 5 months of the year a volume of natural gas, for clearing and settlement, over 4 TWh (4,198,150 MWh). This volume marks a 41% increase over figures for all of 2018, which was around 3 TWh (2,974,595 MWh).
News | 21 Mar 2019 New Code of Ethics and Conduct of OMI Group OMI Group has approved a new Code of Ethics and Conduct, which will revoke the previous Code and will be applicable to all belonging companies (OMIP, OMIE and OMIClear) with effect date on April 1st 2019.